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Saturday, January 05, 2013
Commenting Policies:
1. We do allow anonymous comments
2. All comments are moderated for spam only. All opinions and comments are accepted, provided they conform to standards noted in rule 3.
3. We reserve the right to delete any comment we find to be:
  • Offensive, Abusive or Defamatory
  • Overly profane (we don't mind the occasional fuck... but this is not a garage)
  • Any comments of an extreme sexual nature (talk about being open for interpretation)
  • Repeating or Flooding of comments
  • Comments of a violent nature, either directed at the blog owners, commentators, post subjects or public figures 
  • Spam
4. We reserve the right to change our commenting policies at any time.

Reviewing Policy
1. We will never accept free samples of anything we review. We prefer to keep our reviews objective and not influenced by manufacturers or musicians.
2. We will review music from up & coming bands at their request, but again, we will not accept free music or CD's.
3. Reviews can be quoted without prior permission of this website, provided the quote is sourced and linked to this site.

Copyright Notice:
All material on this website is the property of the website owners unless otherwise noted. All images, fiction & non-fiction posts and other materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License, unless otherwise noted.

1.) Who are you guys?
The story so far; we are a family who have been actively engaged in politics, pop culture and other areas of fandom for many years. Because of this involvement, we like share opinions on these subjects. You can find more detail on the about us page, provided I can get the other writers to post their bio's.
2.) What is this blog about?
See above.
3.) Why a blog? Especially in {insert current year here}.
Well, why not? That's kind of personal don't you think? Actually, like all bloggers, we do it for the attention.
4.) Why is everything labeled Random [something]?
We subscribe to the chaotic nature of the universe and the randomness that is life? It's the blog administrators favorite character in his favorite book series? It just looks cool? You be the judge.
5.) Chocolate or Vanilla?
Whatever is in the freezer is fine. See point four above.
6.) Star Wars or Star Trek?
Really? Look a question like that can easily devolve into a hundred page essay on the relative merits of space opera vs self/socially conscious science fiction. Now that J.J. Abrams has added his entry to the cultural touchstones that are geek-dom, answering this question could very well result in a rift in the space time continuum. You don't want that, do you?
7.) The Clash? Aren't you a little (old, young, random) to "get it"?
They were and are the only band that matters. Ever. Don't you forget it!
8.) Your rating system... please explain.
We assign stars to music & movie reviews. Basically we give out 1 to 4 stars:

  • 0 Stars = Why did I buy this or go see this movie
  • 1 = D, Not worth the effort
  • 2 = C, An average effort
  • 3 = B, Pretty Good
  • 4 = A, Awesome work

We also can give out five stars, which means, INSTANT CLASSIC. These are given out very sparingly.

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