The truthiness of politics

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

I've been quiet for too long here- and this is the one place I know I can come and say whatever I want and not have to worry about it bleeding over into my job or my place in the community. It's a slippery place, balancing yourself when you want to be screaming about what is happening in our world.

But this election- and I'm only going to pick on the Republican side here so be forewarned - this election is scaring me.

It scares me because when Donald Trump began this campaign, I thought he would never be taken seriously. I mean, really, how COULD he? The man has no political experience, no moral compass, no real morality or integrity when it comes to business. He really stands for the 1% wealth we all screamed about when the Wall Street crisis hit. He is someone who gains his power because of money and it's money he earns on the broken backs of everyone he uses and steps over- the companies that lost money - the people out of work. He has managed to survive poor business choices because our system rewards those with too much money to punish- he manages to have a following because of his very irritating 'truthiness'. And no one could take this seriously. But they have. They are.

Colbert coined the term 'truthiness' because of Fox "news", and "he defined truthiness as preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true."

What we have in our current political arena is a lot of truthiness. I've never really seen anything like this before. I'm seeing friends fall into this- posting things on social media that they never research, never look into, never even think about. Just knee jerk reactions to anything that mimics the truth they already WANT to be true.

My father was a Republican his entire life and would never have voted otherwise. And because I wanted to defy his politics- I registered Democrat the day I turned 18. But even then, he would tell me to NOT vote based on what a person says. Read their platform- he would tell me- read what their party's agenda is. THAT is what you're voting on. Not a person. A machine. An agenda. A platform.

People who have somehow decided it would be 'fun' to watch Donald Trump say what he wants from the porch of the White House has very little real understanding of how politics work- how our political system works. We will be the laughing stock of the world if he wins this election. Even his own party knows and understands that- and are baffled and confused about how to stop this ridiculous train he has running.

The joke will be on the American people- and on the complete and utter collapse of any kind of progress towards our common goals - if this man is elected.

This can't be serious? Can it?


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