Hard Times

Wednesday, July 08, 2015
Diane and me (madpoet) having a happy day at a U2 concert
These are very hard times for us. The insurance company, as expected, denied Diane's bariatric surgery. I am pretty scared about the whole thing. This is more than a quality of life issue, this is a life or death situation.
This surgery is not the end of what we need to have done to help my dearest love, but it must be done so we can continue to work on getting her back to some semblance of comfort.
If this surgery is not done, Diane will end up being bed ridden with only poor outcomes to look forward too. I know not all of you can help us out financially, but if you can share this, it would be a big help, too.
I love my wife more than anything I have ever loved in my life. Losing her is more than I can bear. All of you who have donated and spread the word so far, thank you so much. Your generosity means more than I can say.

You can find a link to our gofundme  page here


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