Some days we have reason to celebrate

Friday, June 26, 2015
Today is a great day. I hope everyone is celebrating. Way to go Supreme Court. On a Friday no less. There is absolutely no reason to not be partying. In fact, if you are liberal, it has been a real good couple of days. Which we sorely needed this week.

This weeks Pick Six is all about celebrating. Of course we have to have Kool & The Gang classic, "Celebration"
How about some James Brown? I Feel Good? I can't think of a song more appropriate for tonight!
Enduring one hit wonders Katrina & The Waves with the very cool and a perfect sentiment, Walking On Sunshine. Speaking of cool, check out the original version of Going Down To Liverpool featuring Katrina and the band.
It's not a party if there isn't dancing. Earth, Wind & Fire with that classic disco sound. Boogie Wonderland should get your feet moving.
Newcomers Imagine Dragons whose career arc thus far is summed up with this song, On Top Of The World
Of course Freddie (we miss you) always has the right thing to say!

Big hat tip and thank you to Diane for suggesting most of these songs.

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