On The Road - New York City - Day One

Monday, May 25, 2015
A cool roof terrace across the street from us
So about two years ago, Diane and I got a really good deal to stay at a nice junior suite on the Las Vegas Strip. Of course, there was a catch, we had to listen to a salesman pitch us on their timeshare program.

We managed to resist the hard sell for buying into a lifetime membership, until... They offered a really good deal for a two bedroom condo in Hawaii that would sleep 8. The whole family could go! Then we looked at plane ticket prices to Hawaii. Nobody could go.

So we had all these points to stay at a condo we couldn't afford to fly to. To make things more interesting the points expired. So we had to do something. Diane and Gabby's dear wife, Hilary, decided why not New York City?
A touch of skyline from Central Park
So here we are. In a nice condo on West 57th between 6th and 7th. After a red eye flight that got us into JFK at 5:30 AM. In spite of that, we have ventured out to walk around Central Park and walk over to MoMA.

MoMA was amazing. I have a deep love for impressionism and MoMA has an amazing collection. I will have more as the week goes on. Meanwhile, have a late Monday Morning Pick Me Up with Marshal Crenshaw's Rockin' Around NYC.

I have both my iPhone and my DSLR so keep checking back as I post pictures once or twice a day.

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