One The Road - New York City - Day 2 Part One - The Today Show

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Willie, Savanna & Al getting ready to go on the air
I watch the Today Show every day. I have been watching it most of my life, so I knew my New York trip wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Plaza.

I know, the Today Show is fluffy and light news every morning, but I don't want to think to heavily about the news in the morning. I do occasionally get irritated when they play the false equivalency game, giving air time to opposing views that are absolutely wrong. Watching a news story on vaccines will make me tear my hair out with the same kicker every time.

Every vaccine story is always ended with "some people don't vaccinate because they believe it causes autism". I know it sounds harmless enough, but seriously, don't even mention it. Vaccines don't cause autism. Period. End of sentence.

This is not a critique of US news shows, though. We got up extra early and walked up to Rockefeller Center where we waited in line with a small crowd. Watching the show is actually kind of boring. The show is piped from inside the studio to monitors on the plaza. The only time it is exciting is when the hosts come out to do a spot outside.

Hoda Kotb came into work in jeans and took the time to wave and meet some of the people in the crowd. She seems really nice.
Hota Kotb says Hi to a fan.
Wrangler, the Today Show "puppy with a purpose", came out a couple of times. I have really enjoyed watching their little pooch grow up. He is being trained to be a service dog and he is pretty well trained already.
Wrangler being well behaved with his trainer.
It was interesting to watch all the cameras and people working to get the show on the air. The shots they show of the crowd addressing the television are all shot by Today Show producers prior to the show. When the hosts come out they do a good job of going around meeting the crowd, shaking hands and taking selfies. Al Roker and Willie Geist actually shook our hands! Carson Daly seemed a little more standoffish.
Carson Daly
All in all, it was an interesting way to spend a couple of hours. They do give out free food, coffee and tea, which is nice. If you like the Today Show and you are in New York, take some time one morning and watch the show.
Everyone outside for a minute


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