On The Road - Day 2 Part Three - On The Streets Of New York

Thursday, May 28, 2015
We were at a dive kinda of place near Times Square (that had pretty good food and local craft beers) when I saw my first umm, well let's call it a New York City disagreement. Next door to the dive bar was a strip club. I was hanging out on the street watching the city go by, which is a pretty awesome way to spend your time when a fight broke out in front of me.

Some guy, who looked like Turtle from Entourage, was being pushed out the door by who I assume was the owner, yelling something to the effect that you shouldn't "come in my place and talk like that" Then he shoved him to the ground!

A lady walking down the street got involved yelling "You can't just push people like that" and started banging on the door. The bouncer came out and was trying to calm her down, saying, "You don't even know what's going on" and gently trying to get her to move on.

This scene went on for a minute or so, woman banging the door, bouncer telling her to quit it and the poor kid who got thrown to the ground was limping around. Finally the owner(?) came out and apologized to the kid and they shook hands.  The lady seemed satisfied and asked the kid how he was feeling who said he was fine. Then everyone went their separate ways.

Someone asked me why I didn't get involved. I don't know. I was kind of stunned. By the time I got over being stunned, everyone had moved on. A small town boy like me is not used to that kind of stuff, though you do see the occasional brawl outside the local bar.

It was quite a thing to see and will be an enduring memory of my time in New York

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