On The Road - Day 5 - Two of the greatest museums in the world

Friday, May 29, 2015
I got to go to MoMA my first day in the city, but day five promised a great day with our visits to the American Natural History Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The day wasn't without it's trying moments.
Teddy Roosevelt statue at the American Museum Of Natural History

Diane and I decided to walk from the condo to the Natural History Museum down Central Park West, being promised that Diane's battery on her scooter should get 10 hours of service. Diane told the repair person that if she died in the middle of Central Park, they would be the first person they called. Thiat is a bit of foreshadowing, but first we reached the Natural History without incidence. We watched a marvelous film Tiny Giants narrated by Steven Fry. It was fun to see it with all the kids on field trips, listening to them react to the action the screen.

We toured some of the exhibits, knowing full well that you would need a whole day (or more) to see everything in the museum. We would have the same problem at Metropolitan Museum Of Art that afternoon.
Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Belvedere Castle in Central Park
Edgar Degas - A woman seated beside a vase of flowers
Vincent Van Gogh - First Steps, after Millet
Aguste Renoir - Still Life with Peaches
After time spent at the art museum, we decided to head back across the park to meet up with Son #1 and his wife for dinner. Unfortunately Diane's scooter ran our of power just before we reached Central Park West. We pulled and drug it up to the street. Not knowing what to do, I called UBER to get a SUV to haul the scooter back to the condo. The UBER driver was incredibly helpful! We made it back and crashed for the evening.

It was probably my only moment where I was like, "How do people live here", with sirens going off and packed traffic. I was trying to use my phone, but couldn't hear a thing. It was stressful.

We survived New York, some of us worse for wear. I would go back again. We had a great time in spite of some problems.

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