On The Road - Day 3 - A historical tour of Manhattan and some nice views from Brooklyn

Thursday, May 28, 2015

South Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Heights
Since we got such a good deal on a great condo just off of Central Park, we had to sit through a time share presentation on our third day. We were stuck in the sales pitch until 12:30, but we go done just time to get a private tour of Manhattan from a company called Tours By Locals. Our driver/guide, Ronald Scott Piedmonte, took us on an amazing historical tour showing us and telling us all about the immigration of people in and out New York. He also took us to some great vantage points to take pictures.
The history of immigrants in New York is an ongoing story. The old neighborhoods of Jewish, Irish and Italian immigrants are now neighborhoods of the Chinese, Koreans and Middle Eastern countries.  Like all stories of immigrants, the first and second generations struggle with the hopes of their children doing better and moving out of the tenements. As one group of immigrants moves out a new group move in.

I have been to many large cities, but New York is one of the most diverse places I have ever been.
The high point of the tour was when he took us to Brooklyn and stopped off at several vantage points.
Brooklyn Bridge and the Freedom Tower
Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges
Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Heights
To round out our trip he took us through Harlem. It happened to be Amateur Night (every Wednesday) at the Apollo Theater

 It was an amazing tour and very informative. Diane will have more details to come. Meanwhile have a few more pictures from another great day in New York City

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