New From Laura Marling and Modest Mouse

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
A lot of new new music is out right now. From U2's ill-advised "free to everyone" Songs of Innocence littering every iTunes music library to Dave Matthews sound alike Phillip Phillips surprisingly good Behind The Light, we have slowly added to MfaMLG's extensive music library.
Laura Marling
I have spent a lot of time gathering up classic music form the 60's, 70's and 80's, but I have kept abreast of new music as well. Today we are going to focus on the endlessly fascinating work of Laura Marling with a quick visit to Modest Mouse's new one.

Laura Marling debut album was well received by MfaMLG, but somehow we completely missed her sophomore effort. Blame it on my current obsession on first wave bands. Her third album is just as startling powerful as her first one. Check out this cut from Short Movies.

Modest Mouse has a new album out too. Their sixth album, Strangers to Ourselves is not really that much of a departure from earlier work. Rather it shows a band playing to its strengths and making good music.

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