6 Deep Cuts From Queen

Friday, April 03, 2015
Note: International readers may disagree with this list. I will admit some of these songs where charting singles in other countries. This is a testament to Queen’s truly international success. 

1. The Millionaire Waltz - A Day At The Races (1976): Time changes, classic arrangements. It is a prototypical Queen track full of bombast and theatrics.
2. Seven Seas Of Rhye - Queen II (1974): This is the song that is questionable as a deep cut, but it makes the list for two reasons. The first is that this is the song that broke Queen in the UK. Second; A chance performance of the song on Top Of The Pops in 1974 convinced Freddie to take up Queen as a full time career.
I know this song is on their damn greatest hits album. Okay, but I bet if you asked twenty people what their favorite Queen song was, not one would say Seven Seas Of Rhye.
3. Seaside Rendezvous - A Night At The Opera (1975): I love this song because of it’s playful nature, kazoos and all.
4. Spread Your Wings - News Of The World (1978): Another cut that was released as a single. It never picked up any steam here in the US, but it did reach number 20 on the Netherlands Top 40.
5. Good Company - A Night At The Opera (1975): Tells a good story. Written by Brian May, it captures the downside of replacing friends with things by describing the arc of one mans life.
6. Jealousy - Jazz (1978): Any song that starts with "Oh how wrong can you be? Oh to fall in love was my very first mistake” is not an upbeat song, but it is a good one.

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