Six from the annals of grunginess

Friday, March 27, 2015
Alice In Chains
Let's face it, most of this is just rock n roll. Grunge was just a label that the industry and music journalists threw out there to describe this largely Seattle driven phenomena. Grunge was a refreshing break from the increasingly tired, to the point of self parody, hair bands.

Grunge was a very short lived invention of the recording industry, who really just wanted to sell records to the target audience of disaffected Gen X'ers. The so called grunge bands were just playing the music they liked. I never fell for the whole grunge thing. I was just listening to music that I liked. The good bands lived on even after grunge fell out of fashion.

Not all of these are from the so called Grunge movement, but they do reflect the influences of the time and influences on later groups.

  • Swing On This - Alice In Chains
  • Jesus Christ Pose - Soundgarden
  • Tomorrow's Dream - Black Sabbath
  • Deep - Pearl Jam
  • Home - Staind
  • The Crunge - Led Zeppelin

Have a listen and add your favorite grunge songs in the comments.


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