Interesting Videos Volume X - Drones and Droids

Sunday, March 29, 2015
First up, we have drone racing from from a French drone manufacturer. The POV view is very reminiscent of the speeder bike chase from Return Of The Jedi;
Next we have a drone modified to look like a Imperial speeder bike;

ROBOTS! MIT's robotic cheetah is getting faster and scarier. What's next? We all know and I for one welcome our new robotic overlords.

We will be back soon with more interesting videos. Meanwhile, beware of galloping robots


  1. Drones are generally dropping in the heavens virtually every day, many landing throughout hugely brimming areas. Chances are generally expanding against us all considering that 25, 000 are generally forecasted to kick or punch your homeland skies simply by 2015. Isn't it time on your worst problem to be able to occur it's wings preceding anyone? Drone, for one


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