Friday Pick Six: Favorite "Babe" songs

Friday, March 20, 2015

Growing up, I remember listening to Sonny and Cher when their first record came out. The music I listened to was not music my parents listened to, or liked. But when Sonny and Cher got a television show, they made being 'different' and 'hippy-ish' acceptable to middle aged people like my parents. So their music became 'safe'. Starting off with their huge hit "I got you, babe", I thought we'd look back at famous "babe" songs. Sonny and Cher's "babe" was intimate in a teasing way.

It's not as easy as you'd think to find "babe" in a title. Baby, yes. But not always "babe". So some of these songs have "babe" in their title lines, or choruses, but they're all "babe" songs.

1. I got you, babe. - Sonny and Cher
2. Babe. - Styx
3. It Ain't me, babe. - Dylan. I love me some Dylan, and I almost used 'Don't think twice, it's all right' instead of this one as it's a great "babe" song. When Dylan used this in a song you knew it was coming from a place where a deep connection had been.
4. Babe, I'm gonna leave you. - Zeppelin. Robert Plant's "babe" was sung with a desperate finality.
5. And now, for something totally different! Turn out the lights....
Can't Get Enough of your Love Babe. - Barry White
6. My world is Empty Without You, Babe. - Supremes.  One of my favorites groups from my early years, they always made heartache and misery sound like a party.


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