Anniversary Edition - Rebooting the Blog

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Music for a Midlife Geek is turning 10 years old!!!!!!.

When our blog started it was just Madpoet posting on music, food, travel and politics. Since the beginning we have tried to look at what's happening, what's trending and what's intriguing us.

Slowly the rest of the family became involved, with posts from Diane, El Kaiser Guapo and the Effin Bear. El Kaiser Guapo and the Effin Bear are both University of Wyoming graduates making their way into the real world, and their posts are on electronics, digital entertainment and twenty-something observations of the world. Diane tends to look back at music that influenced her and her community action interests both locally and worldwide. Madpoet still posts on music, food, travel and politics.

The blog has been quiet the last several months, with everyone scrambling to find some inspiration, dedication and time to get extra things done.

We are excited to see where the next ten years takes us. We hope you'll come along for the ride.
From left to right: Madpoet, El Kaiser Guapo (back), Diane, The Effin Bear (back) and Gabby.

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