Interesting Videos Volume IX - A great idea, interesting covers and a little Weird Al

Sunday, August 03, 2014
It's time for more interesting videos. First up is a nifty high tech cooler. The Coolest cooler is a Kickstarter campaign and looks like a neat idea. With a builtin blender, USB charger and many other features, I would definitely get one.

Now we have some music! The first one is a guy sampling and playing trombone in a cover of Pharrel's Happy. It sounds great!

Here is a Michael Jackson song played on beer bottles:

And a little boy directing 500 boys!

Finally, as you all probably know Weird Al released a new album, Mandatory Fun, which debuted at number 1. He did 8 videos in 8 days and they are very funny. You can find all 8 here. Here is my favorite, parodying corporate mission statements:

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