In Memoriam - Robin Williams

Monday, August 11, 2014
Robin Williams has passed away. I won't speculate on the cause of his death. There are plenty of articles talking about it.

I have long been a fan of Mr. Williams work, from his stand-up and comedic roles to his more serious roles. He was brilliant. When I toyed with comedy in high school, my style was totally ripped off from Robin's stream of consciousness ad-libbing.

The joy his humor brought me as a troubled young adult is something I will always remember. Tonight, I just want to remember his work and not dwell on his death. He left us a myriad of roles, characters and bits. He will be missed.

One of his best bits, The Invention Of Golf. Showing off his gift of mimicry and his delivery of punchline after punchline, this one always strikes my funny bone:

And my all time favorite scene with him from Good Will Hunting. It may seem like Matt Damon's big scene, but the quiet power with which Robin repeats, "It's not your fault", raises the emotional tension as it builds to a brilliant release:


  1. So horribly sad, it seems everyone is in shock. We all understand depression and addiction are a harsh mistress to live with- it seems so pointless that we could all see the hope and brilliance in who he was- and he couldn't.


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