Friday Pick Six- Songs with disturbing messages

Friday, August 01, 2014
Have you ever been listening to a song you know well, maybe even singing along with it, and then stop to realize how disturbing the lyrics really are? Some of the messages we put out there in terms of lyrics in a song are nor ones we'd ever condone in any other format. Time to take a look at our Friday Pick Six disturbing songs, with the disturbing lyrical passages.

1. Run for your Life- The Beatles
This song is catchy and fun to sing along to until you stop and listen to the words:
"We'll I'd rather see you dead little girl, than to see you with another man. You'd better keep your head little girl cause you won't know where I am.
You'd better run for your life if you can little girl,
hide your head in the sand if you can little girl,
catch you with another man- that's the end- little girl."

2. You're My World - Helen Reddy
It sounds romantic at first, but when you really hone in on the lyrics it is a little scary- at least if you're the one being asked to be 'her world':
"Other eyes see the stars up in the sky, but for me they shine within your eyes..." Sweet, huh?
"You're my world, you are my night and day,
You're my world, you're every prayer I pray
If our love ceases to be, then it's the end of the world for me." Um...okay....creepy.

3. Love is Strange - 60's cover by Peaches and Herb
It wasn't in the original by Mickey and Sylvia, so this was re-done for their version. And- it totally creeps me out. When he says "Peaches- how do you call your loverboy?", she responds,  "Daddy, ohhh daddy, my sweet daddy, you're the one."   So...she calls him "Daddy" and he calls her "Baby".  Really?

4. Saving all my Love for You - Whitney Houston
It's a beautiful melody, don't get me wrong. But the lyrics? Not my favorite:
"A few stolen moments is all that we share
You've got your family and they need you there,
Though I've tried to resist, being last on your list
But no other man's gonna do, so I'm saving all my love for you.
It's not very easy living all alone,
my friends try and tell me- find a man of my own,
But each time I try, I just break down and cry,
Cause I'd rather be home feeling blue. So I'm saving all my love for you."
Honestly, if anyone I knew were doing this (and some have) I would always be encouraging them to think more of themselves than to accept a 'few stolen moments'. And why would anyone in their right mind accept being home and blue because "only this man will do?" Not.

5. The Dark End Of The Street - James Carr
Sounding romantic yet another song about infidelity. The opening verse might be a coy, but we all know what they men:
"At the dark end of the street
That's where we always meet
Hiding in shadows where we don't belong
Living in darkness, to right our wrong"
Later the lyric tells her to just walk on by if they pass in the street:
"And when the daylight hours roll round
And if by chance we're both taken in
And taken down the town
But if we should leave before then
And just walk on by
Oh sweet baby, please don't you cry"
Nothing says I love you like saying please ignore me if you see me in daylight.

6. Entre Nous - Rush
A song that seems romantic. In a cold detached sort of way:
"We are planets to each other
Drifting in our orbits
To a brief eclipse
Each of us a world apart
Alone and yet together
Like two passing ships"
Neil makes love sound so clinical:
"We are islands to each other
Building hopeful bridges
On a troubled sea
Some are burned or swept away
Some we would not choose
But we're not always free"
Okay Neil. If this is your love song I wonder what your pillow talk is like.

Run for your Life- Beatles
You're my World- Helen Reddy
Love is Strange - Peaches and Herb
Saving all my Love for You - Whitney Houston
The Dark End Of The Street - James Carr
Entre Nous - Rush

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