Wednesday Flashback- the summer of 1971

Wednesday, July 09, 2014
The summer of 1971 was probably my most memorable in terms of life events, and music. I had my first major crush in 1971. You know how you'll look back at old 'crushes' and think 'wow, what was I thinking?'. This was not one of those times. This one- was for real.

I spent most of that summer in Montebello, California. My mom's work friend had a daughter a couple years older than me (3 years) and at the time, that was huge. She could drive! She knew older men! She was super cool, listened to the best music, introduced me to so much that has stayed with me all these years. If I could have stopped time for awhile, it would have been in 1971.

She also had a crush, on a very tall guy named John. (Juan, really) He was light haired, blond streaks shining when the sun hit it. He was 19, and so mature and wonderful. Had his own car. Had a really nice looking best friend named Juarez and it seemed destined that my dear friend would end up happy ever after with her John and I'd get the best friend award for falling for Juarez. But I didn't. I fell for John. Crazy, out of this world for John.

We'd ride around in his car- Juarez and I in the back seat- (he tried so hard- and years later we did have a brief romance), but my eyes were all for John. My barely 13 year old eyes, all for him. We'd catch each others eyes in the rear view, when a group of us were holding hands (this was 1971 after all) I'd feel the brush of his thumb over my hand like a thousand strings.

The music on his radio, I can hear it today and ZOOM- it will flash me back to sitting in the back seat of that car in the summer of 1971, holding hands with Juarez and making moon eyes at John.

As with all things, summer ends. And John ended up being my first 'real' kiss, my first prince charming, my first 'love'. Oh how I pined when summer was over and I went home and he went off to college.

Here are some songs from that summer that always bring back sweet memories of sweaty palms and first kisses.

1. Signs-Five Man Electrical Band
2. If - Bread
3. How can you Mend a Broken Heart - Bee Gees (and oh, come September, my little heart broke)

Five Man Electrical Band - SIGNS
Bread- IF (skip the annoying ad)
Bee Gees - HOW can you mend a broken Heart?

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