The "other" Just the Way You Are

Monday, July 07, 2014
Back in 1977 I was away at school in Washington, and it was the year I met Jay. Age differences aside, we were friends from the beginning. The friendship didn't blossom into romance until 1982, which was when- on New Years Day- everything changed forever. By May 1, 1982 we married and have lived, with some minor exceptions, happily ever after.

Jay shared the recent Bruno Mars "Just the Way you Are", which I love. This was the original- and even though I didn't know when I first heard it in 1977 that it was going to be about him, it has been and now is forever always about him. And me.

We had this sung at our wedding that sunny California wedding day- and to this day when we hear it- we are reminded of good friends who became happy ever after.


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