Young The Giant

Tuesday, April 08, 2014
Young the Giant has been kicking around the alternate music scene for a few years now. Since this is our first visit to their music, I figured we would review their first two albums.

Young The Giant 2.5 Stars

Their eponymous first album didn’t exactly set off fireworks. A solid freshman release, it didn’t exactly set the music world on fire, even though it several songs that appeared in the alt music charts. Songs such as My Body and Apartment are very good and deliver what is their sound. While I don’t rate it very highly, it is an okay playing in the background kind of album.

Mind Over Matter 3 stars 

In their second album, Young The Giant takes a big step forward with a group of arena ready pop songs. Reminiscent of other bands who suddenly expand their sound, Mind Over Matter shows us a band ready to take the next step. The question is can they?

This album is filled with catchy songs, but I think my favorite is Crystalized, though the Song Mind Over Matter is a pretty strong song too. I think this is a band on the move out of the alternative charts to some bigger things.

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