Interesting Videos Volume IV - And now for something completely dfferent

Sunday, April 13, 2014
A quiet passage of time on this snowy spring day. I have been thinking about this book series (Of Man and Manta) lately. I read them in me teenage years, and I will bet you that I didn't get them. Just reading the synopsis the books don't even seem like the same books I read way back when.

Our first video is about two 72 year old ladies taking their first flight. The whole video is 10 minutes, but I have queued it up to the interesting part, though if you have the time, watch the whole video. I know it's an ad but it's a pretty good one.

Watch this three year old boy kick out the jams on Chinese TV

And now, the first new Python song in years!

Finally some Steely Dan to chill out.

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