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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Being a music fan has never been better than it is now. I can sample bands and singers from all over the world. Of course, in this new world of amazing music, there is the question of how to get a bigger audience and perhaps the ability to make a little money off of their art.

I find a lot of indie artists this way, but this New Music Tuesday, I want to focus on one person very special to me. With no training, my nephew Paul, has become quite a mixer/composer.

He is the quintessential small artist. Mostly doing it for the fun, he has a true affinity for making good music. While he hasn’t amassed a huge following, he continues to compose. We had a brief interview:

MfaMLG: What software do you use?
Paul: I use fl studio ( formerly fruity loops).

MfaMLG: Who are your influences?
Paul: My strongest influences are classical and acoustic guitar. I also listen to a lot of electronic artists. Tons of artists to be sure have influenced me.

MfaMLG: How do you compose? Do you have a tune in your head and build the song from there?
Paul: I usually start with a tune or melody and build off of that. Sometimes I start by designing a synth sound and feeling out how it sounds.

I won’t give out any stars here, since I am a proud uncle, and I would just give him four stars. I will share two songs of his. Let me know what you think.

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