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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Game: HabitRPG
Developer/Designer: ocdevel/Tyler Renelle
Stars: 4 stars

Me on my Pink Cotton Candy Flying Pig (mount) and one of my wolf pets
Have you ever thought wouldn’t be fun if my life was a game? HabitRPG does that. As the title suggests, it is a role-playing game for your life. It has all the attractions of an RPG except using to-dos, daily tasks and habits you may wish to change or develop. Completing these tasks gives you XP (experience points). Not completing them will take HP (hit or health points). You can do quests, gaining XP and attribute points (perception, intelligence, strength and constitution) while attacking Bosses by yourself or with a party.
The main interface of HabitRPG
The game begins by setting up your tasks. The first category is Habits. Habits can be positive (exercised today) or negative (did not exercise today). Positive habits increase your XP, negative habits decrease your HP.

Next is Dailies. These are tasks you need to complete on a daily or weekly basis. Completing them for the day increases HP. Not completing them will effect your HP at the end of the day. Your daily tasks list is the most important group, since not completing them causes the biggest drop in your health.

The Dailies reset once a day, and the hit to your HP is calculated. There is a new experimental feature that allows you to set the time for your reset, but, by default, the reset time is at midnight.

Then there is the To-Do category. These are projects or big jobs that are pretty much a one off tasks. You can split a To-Do into steps, allowing for more advanced tracking of a task. To-Do Tasks offer the highest payout of XP and have no effect on your HP. Completing these tasks also adds to your MP (mana points)

From there you can start playing the game. While you are playing the game, drops may occur. Mostly these are eggs, hatching potions and food. Pets are created by applying a hatching potion to an egg. If you feed your pets, they will become mounts. There is a achievement called Beastmaster, which means you have captured all the pets in the game. Having increased PER (perception) increases the the number of drops you get.
In the beginning I was a lowly guy with a sword. Now I am a mage of great powers!
Once you reach level 10, you can select a class and assign them their attributes. The classes are Mage, Rogue, Healer and Warrior. Each of these classes have increased attributes based on the class. For example a Rogue has high perception, so they gain more drops. A mage on the other hand has high INT (intelligence), so they get more XP from completing tasks and can carry extra MP (mana points).
You can also buy gear with your gold that will increase your attributes. Questing can be fun because it offers you the ability to increase XP, gain items and open new sets of pets to be found.

If you have never played an RPG before, HP, XP, MP, PER, INT, STR and CON may sound confusing, but to a role playing gamer, these are familiar terms. Fortunately, HabitRPG has a very nice wiki for learning about the game and getting started.

As you can see it is a fairly robust RPG engine and getting better all the time. I have been playing for over three months and have had a lot of fun. In fact, I can’t imagine not having the motivation I get from HabitRPG. It has been the best task/time management tool I have ever used. If I ever get overwhelmed or go out of town, I just go rest at the inn which freezes all your tasks.

The game playing aspect makes you think about how you do things and more importantly why you do them. The game is strictly on the honor system. There is nothing stopping a player from making a bunch of little tasks to get XP and level up. I find it much more fun to play with complete honesty, although I may play different than other players.

Being able to play the game the way you want is also a great feature. I may have overloaded my dailies and thus have died more than once. My feeling is if you aren’t challenging yourself, why play?

This game has made a huge difference in my life and I foresee me playing for a long time to come. This is a definite four star game.
Me on my golden dragon and a flying pig pet at my current level

Other Links:
Kickstarter Page

Things I have discovered while playing:
Daily Tasks: Be realistic about your dailies. If it is something you really aren’t going to do on a daily basis, then add it to your to-do list. I have a lot of weekly tasks that I shuffle to my to do list as I do them. You don’t get a lot of XP for typing in a to-do and then checking it off immediately, but for me I score more XP by running stuff out of my To-Do list.
Sure you can set up weeklies on a Daily entry (edit properties or click on the little pencil) by assigning a day of the week, but I find I tend to forget them. It is just easier to have my dailies be dailies. This might seem like cheating, but it’s just the way I play.

Habits. I have found habits to be more useful to me if they have a negative result if you don’t complete it. Clicking that minus and losing HP can be very motivating

Health potions. Be careful not to waste your money. If you are going to level up before the day resets, don’t waste your cash. Once you get to higher levels, you have so much money, this doesn’t really matter.

Questing: Remember, when questing alone, you take full damage since you are the only one in the party. Damage from a boss is applied at the end of the day. Remember this important note from the HabitRPG Wiki:
It is not advisable to rest in the inn while on a boss quest, as a player will still take damage regardless of whether or not a player is resting. Also, keep in mind that you'll be taking damage from the boss in addition to the damage you'll take from your incomplete dailies, so be mindful of the extra damage when determining whether you need to ask for a heal or use a health potion.
A good video tutorial on getting started


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