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Thursday, March 20, 2014
Some quick links for you this evening.

You should be following this blog. Beth is hiking the Appalachian Trail and blogging about it. She has weathered many setbacks her first couple of weeks on the trail, but she keeps moving forward.  She is a huge inspiration to me. Her adventures are awesome and she is a really good writer too.

From another blog you should be reading, especially if you like good liberal snark, states have found a loophole to keep funding SNAP benefits. Republicans are pissed. It would seem the only loopholes they like are the ones the rich and corporations use to get a tax break.

Going back to the subject of our New Music Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly has a nice interview with the A Great Big World guys.

Finally, a video. Probably the best version of this song ever performed by The Boss & The E Street Band, I give you The River. Because I am in a melancholy mood.


  1. This version makes me CRY- cry for lost innocence, cry for those who never had any, cry a little even for mine that was misplaced along the way. Beautiful, haunting, sad.


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