Wednesday Flashback- Rush Fountain of Lamneth

Wednesday, February 05, 2014
 I wasn't introduced to Rush until Jay stepped back into my life in 1982. But I was immediately hooked on their sound, their lyrics, their voice.

I was finishing off my last semester of college in 1982. We had just moved into our own place and were planning to be married May 1. I didn't really care about school any more- and it showed. But one class I had- on Medical Psychology - really hit a chord in me. It revealed a passion to help people who cannot always help themselves, and to do it with dignity and without judgement. My thesis for that class was on aging with dignity, and the opening and ending of that thesis paper was "The Fountain of Lamneth".

Our beginnings, all of our beginnings, are so simple.

I am born
I am me
I am new
I am free
Look at me
I am young
Sight unseen
Life unsung

My eyes have just been opened
And they're open very wide
Images around me
Don't identify inside
Just one blur I recognize
The one that soothes and feeds
My way of life is easy
And as simple are my needs

That young woman in 1982 could relate to these lyrics. My life was just beginning, with a new husband and partner and an endless road ahead of us that had no end.

Now that 32 years have passed, I'm still living with and in love with that same husband, maybe not so new any longer but real passion and affection always renew. Dealing with life's curve balls, with health, with a future that I can now see an end to- I think I sometimes relate to the end of the song much more than the beginning. But what I realized tonight, is that even the ending had hope for something new. I'm not done yet. I am. Still.

Now, at last I fall before
The Fountain of Lamneth
I thought I would be singing
But I'm tired...out of breath
Many journeys end here
But, the secret's told the same
Life is just a candle and a dream
Must give it flame

The key, the end, the answer
Stripped of their disguise
Still it's all confusion
And tears spring to my eyes
Though I've reached a signpost
It's really not the end
Like Old Sol behind the mountain
I'll be coming up again

I'm in motion
I am still
I am crying
I am...still
I'm together
I'm apart
I'm forever
At the start

Still...I am


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Diana, This is so beautiful. I am feeling a lot of mixed emotions right now. Rest my friend. Enjoy your break. I wish I was going with you! Love to Jay. B

  2. Awesome blog & wonderful song. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your life. Love you, Dawn


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