There are no naps on Thursday

Thursday, February 20, 2014
The worst invention in the history of the corporate world is the Wednesday Afternoon Meeting. Usually a teleconference, at least two hours long and those guys in Topeka have their microphone on again.

You could argue that the Friday Afternoon Meeting is the worst, Friday has the upside of being the last thing you need to do before the weekend. Wednesday is just another soul sucking day at work. You can’t make plans for Wednesday night, not knowing when the Wednesday Afternoon Meeting will end, especially when it’s those people from the West Coast running the meeting. What don’t they get about one hour over is two hours over or more for everyone else?

It is a sad meeting and a melancholy ride home, your head stuffed with buzzwords and corpo-speak. You eat dinner in front of the TV in your sweats. You fall asleep in your recliner around 9:00 into a deep dreamless slumber. Then around three in the morning, you wake up and can’t go back to sleep. There are no naps on Thursday.

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