Some Random Thoughts on the Olympics

Thursday, February 13, 2014
The Olympics is a time where the USA is at its most jingoistic. We are bombarded with patriotic slogans and heart touching stories of the sacrifice that the US athlete makes to be the Olympic Ideal, so we can aspire to do our best for this great country of ours.

The ads are worse. The athlete and sport is filmed under dramatic light exhorting us to strive for those three words Duty, Honor, Country. Buy these things and help our corporate overlords gain power to help the cause.

Then there are the broadcasters, speaking in reverent tones about the the great US athletes, sponsored by the corporations, at the peak of their physical abilities. The overwrought observations building the drama so the people of the country will chant U…S…A…U…S…A…U…S…A from their comfortable chairs, satisfied in the religion that is the United States of America. The religion of exceptional-ism, even though most of us are merely mediocre.

But the dream lives on.

It seems NBC is trying to be multi cultural in their coverage, which I am sure the anti New World Order crowd has noticed. Maybe this is out of necessity, since the American team isn’t doing so well at this Olympics.

Cultural understanding is like garlic to the anti NWO crowd. Yet there is Shaun White hugging half pipe winner Iouri Podladtchikov aka iPod, even though Shaun failed to medal. It’s an act of good sportsmanship that I am sure will piss someone off.

Strangely, many conservatives love Vladimir Putin for his manliness in comparison to our own President. Sometimes our country is crazy and xenophobic, yet still finds time to admire some questionable characters on the world stage.

The Olympics are political. From the sometimes corrupt selection process to the daily medal counts, nations compete for recognition. Sure, it isn’t as political as it was in the east vs west in the Cold War era, but it is still all about which country is best. I don’t think the US is going to be best in this Olympics.

This isn’t because of a lack of talent. It’s just that our winter talents are not as good as say… Norway, who, at this moment, are leading the Medal count.

I don’t think most Americans care too much for the Winter Olympics. Corporate Americans do. They pay off their athletes, wrap them in the flag and sell their products. Gauzy ads filled Mom, patriotism and jingoism.

I wonder if team sponsors like BMW sponsor other countries and if they do, are their ads the same?

Figure skating is a weird sport. It has costumes, theatrical music and judges. I am not saying it’s not athletic. I couldn’t do it. But the fact it’s judged makes it weird. As a layman it seems like whoever doesn’t fall is probably going to win.

Of course Slopestyle and Halfpipe are judged and I don’t feel the same way about them. Probably sexist on my part, thinking of skating as a girly sport.

They had a piece on the Today Show about Lindsey Vonn and her rehab efforts. They really pushed her, even though she isn’t at these Olympic games. They also rehabbed Tigers image a bit with her saying he teaches her patience. Tiger is patient?

It was another of those “look at the sacrifice this great American makes” bits. Remember citizens, Lindsay can do it. Can’t you put in the effort too?


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