Some (More) Observations on the Olympics

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
I've been watching the Olympics this year like I used to watch Miss America when I was a young girl, with a mixture of fascination and disbelief.

Here are some (more) observations from the White household on the 2014 Olympics:

  • Tracy Wilson (commentator-figure skating) is the new Deanna Troi of television. "You can feel her determination."  "I sense she is feeling something." Okay.....
  • Jay's new idea for an Olympic event: Ice Skaters on a half pipe made of ice. How fun would that be?
  • My favorite new thing to watch: Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross. Seriously- it's like roller derby on snow...people are flying off course everywhere. And what killed me is no matter how awful the fall looked, they never showed anyone going back to help the poor souls off the course. I told Jay I wondered if a giant broom came out- like the machine in a bowling alley, and just sweeps them all away and out of sight?

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