Six Obscure Songs From The 80's That Sum Up New Wave

Friday, January 10, 2014
Back in the 80's I bought a lot of vinyl and cassettes, but I mostly had MTV on. All the time. It was my exposure to all sorts of music. Back then new wave was about the look and the video. The songs needed to be as inventive the video.

These days I listen to 80's on 8 on Sirius/XM. Sure I have to wade through tons of dreck and trust me, the 80's had their share of dreck. Every once in awhile, though, they play a song I had forgotten all about. Today's list is of six obscure songs from the 80's that had some play because of the videos. Enjoy!

  1. Never Say Never - Romeo Void
  2. Major Tom - Peter Schilling
  3. Forever Young - Alphaville
  4. Cry - Godley & Creme
  5. Love Plus One - Haircut 100
  6. The Killing Moon - Echo & The Bunnymen


  1. I might cry if I had some of those hairstyles, too. I love the 80's! ;()


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