RIP - Lou Reed

Wednesday, November 06, 2013
I can’t say I recognized Lou Reed’s influence when I was younger. My influential bands and singers were the Ramones, The Clash and David Bowie. The Velvet Underground & Lou Reed were way off my radar. Until the 90’s sadly. Sure I had heard Sweet Jane and Walk On The Wild Side, but I didn’t put two and two together until I was in my thirties (which is when I had the same kind of epiphany about Van Morrison)

All that being said, over time I became more acquainted with his work, from the approachable, 1972’s Bowie produced “Transformer” to his more challenging work like “Metal Machine Music”. Now, I am primarily a fan of rock n roll in it’s most basic sense, so Mr. Reed’s work with the Velvet Underground and later is the music of my flashback. Those simple melodies and scathing lyrics, reflections of his life and times. Words that described what New York was for this simple listener.

Since his passing, many people who either knew Lou or his times, have written wonderful and insightful pieces about his life. Me, I am just a fan of rock-n-roll and Lou is an important part of that. He was hip with a cool ease. He may of seemed to have a hard shell, but listening to his music, that may have just been an act, because he wrote some of the finest ballads in the history of rock. Here are three.


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