When Barbie loved Midge- Flashback 1967

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
In 1967 I was just beginning to discover how cute boys were, had decided that I was going to marry either Davy Jones or Peter Noonan, and had my first pair of purple shoes with teeny little heels on them. I was stylin'.

I had a record player in my room, Tiger Beat pages on the walls, and spent hours in there playing with my Barbie's and listening to music. I know I didn't have a Dennis the Menace record player, but mine looked like this without his pictures on it.

I was at the end of my Barbie playing days in 1967. Turning 9 meant I was going to leave all those childish things behind and Barbie was one of them. But I still had her out on occasion, pretending she was going on a dream date, or riding in a car; the kinds of things I was beginning to dream of for myself.

I never recall owning a Ken. I never liked Ken, he looked too plain and severe for me. And "my" Barbie had no interest in Ken. My Barbie wanted to be marrying Davy Jones or Peter Noonan or even a Beatle or Rolling Stone. Ken was too boring for my Barbie. So it was, in the summer of '67, that Barbie began "dating" Midge. It wasn't a sapphotic relationship- I just pretended that Midge (who had shoulder length hair that looked closer to what my crushes were wearing) was Barbie's date, and the two of them spent the summer in imaginary cars, holding hands and even kissing sometimes. Chastely.

My Midge didn't have curls...maybe I straightened them out somehow but I don't recall her having curls at all. Dressed in more boyish clothes, she fit the bill much better than Ken would have. Here are some of the songs Barbie and Midge were listening to the summer they dated in 1967.


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