The politics of being mean

Thursday, September 26, 2013
There is a lot of to do about Congressional Republicans and their threat to shut down the government if President Obama doesn't defund the Affordable Care Act and do a host of other things. They have their hostage and they seem like they are not afraid to shoot it. This is a group of people who are playing chicken with the US and even the world's economy.

Many people ask me why I dislike the GOP so much, after all I had began my political life voting for Ronald Reagan. I could give a laundry list of reasons, but let's start with this current group of Republicans and their view of the poor. You may know they recently voted in a bill to cut forty billion dollars from the SNAP (food stamps) budget, while keeping farm subsidies the same. I think this shows their disdain for the less fortunate.

If you are a rich agribusiness you will still get subsidies from the government, but if you are poor, well you should get a job if you don't want to go hungry. As North Dakota Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer said, “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” Never mind that most SNAP recipients are the old, disabled and children. This is the party that believes that if you have a fridge and stove you are not truly poor.

The party that complains that people are to fat to be hungry or to fit to be on food stamps. Look, I get that you can find people abusing any government program (not that I think someone is to fit to be on food stamps) whether it be helping the poor or the rich. The current crop of Republicans don't really care about the poor or even their constituents, who are often availing themselves of programs like SNAP because they need the help.

Yet they are cheered on by this constituency, holding the economy hostage. The GOP continues to trade on the not so subtle dog whistle that the poor are really undeserving, ghetto dwelling drug addicts. In reality the poverty issue is much more complicated than that.

Why don't I like most Republicans? Because they are mean and I don't like mean people.

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