What happened to all the political posts?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013
There was a time, especially leading up to the last election, we routinely posted political posts on this blog. Since the election, we have certainly cut back. Why? It's not that the right is any less crazy, or the extreme left for that matter. Being a moderate, which in contrast to the current GOP is a raging liberal, I focused on the crazy right wing. I expected we would reach peak wingnut after the President was re-elected. Little did I know that they could reach new levels of insanity.

Whether it is current White House non-scandals they keep hyping, the continued fear mongering over gun control, the constant denial of global climate change or their war on womens reproductive rights, the House of crazies is holding court for the benefit of the tea party and the religious right.

Much of their grandstanding is for appearance only, since none of it stands a chance of being passed by the Senate. The Senate has their share of whack jobs, too. It is the House, however, who have ground needed legislation to a halt. As long as they continue to play to their base, nothing is going to get done on the Presidents agenda.

There seem to be no repercussions for their behavior, even though Congress' approval rating is at an all time low. So why haven't I been writing about all this? Two reasons; 1. Other blogs do it far better than I can and 2. I just don't have the energy to muster the outrage anymore. The right is crazy. They say crazy things. Every single day.

I never fashioned this to be a political blog, but if I posted on every crazy thing a right wing politico said, I would be posting every single day. So there you go. Now if someone says something really outrageous, (Rep. Steven King and your calves like cantaloupes comment, we are looking your way) we will probably post about it.

So, like many, apathy has set in. I voted for President Obama and he is doing some things, that, while they don't surprise me, because presidents will never cede power granted to the Executive branch, have engendered some of that apathy. The ongoing drone war and the NSA apparent spying on Americans have in particular bothered me. These are other things I can rant on, I suppose.

Maybe things will reach a point that I can't be silent on anymore. Maybe not. Until then, enjoy the music.

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