Travel Pick Six

Friday, August 23, 2013
I have been sitting on this pick six for a while. Originally I intended it as a pick six for the day before I left for Ireland. Since I have been traveling off and on this whole year, I thought I would share this list of favorite travel songs.

  1. Roam - B-52's; The least sounding B-52's song is a fun, catchy & poppy travel song 
  2. The World At Large - Modest Mouse; This song may not be obviously about travel, but the haunting quality of it is almost otherworldly.
  3. Ramble On - Led Zeppelin; It's time to ramble on. It's time to find that girl. Maybe she is in California
  4. On The Road Again - The Highwaymen; Never appearing on one of this country outlaw supergroup albums, this Willie Nelson standard never sounded better.
  5. I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash; This much beloved and covered song sums up the wanderlust we all have. I picked Cash's cover because, hey it's the Man In Black
  6. California Girls - The Beach Boys; I married a California girl and though I haven't dated all the women in various geographic and ethnic regions, I wish they could all be California girls

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