The 'real' reason Obamacare isn't working

Thursday, August 22, 2013
I haven't written anything on the blog for awhile now. It's not because things aren't rolling around in my head, it's that there is so much rolling around in there it's hard to focus on any one thing. We are bombarded with negativity right now- some of which demands our attention- some of which is just meant to distract us from the 'real' issues. Every time I see a new poor Paula Deen post I just become irate. Trust me, Paula Deen is FINE. She is comfortable and cared for and financially okay. The rest of her ego will recover. We have much bigger issues to contend with than any celebrity.

Affordable medical care is a BIG issue in our country- and it's being overshadowed by the seemingly eminent failure of Obamacare. In my opinion- Obamacare WILL fail. And the real reason it will fail?
The medical and insurance industry wants it to.

And they have the money, the clout, and the lobbyists to make sure it does.

In places where everyone works together to ensure success of the program it has worked. California has had some really positive steps forward. But what has happened is this quiet movement by insurance companies to ensure that it couldn't possibly work. They are hitting those who can least afford it with ridiculous policies and step-arounds They area forcing small businesses to reduce employee hours or lay off employees- creating a groundswell of opposition from the masses.

It is working. More than half of Americans now do not support Obamacare. They are seeing their neighbors and friends suffering, the elderly and  uninsured, children. Not because the act was flawed in intent- but because people with a lot to lose hired people whose job it was to make sure they could torpedo the success of this program- to save their own bottom line. And they succeeded.

If anything, it didn't go far enough. In trying to appease the industry it provided too many weaknesses to be successful.  If it does fail- no one else will touch this issue for years to come- and the insurance companies will have gotten exactly what they wanted.

I don't want to give Doctors a bye here either, though. In large cities there is a new movement underfoot that some Doctors are promoting because they no longer want to live restricted by insurance company policies.. Some Doctors are requiring patients to pay a 'monthly fee' to them to be permitted to make appointments with them. Let me make sure you heard that right: you would have to pay a monthly fee to Dr X just in case you needed to see him/her six months from now. If you are not on their 'payment list' - no appointment.

I have said before that I understand that Obama is, at heart, a community activist. And as one you do what you have to do to make a start: you do anything you can just to get your foot in the door. Community activists make compromises every day- to get whatever they CAN for those who need it. I get it- and I know it is how things work. But in this case, with Obamacare, it was a total and utter failure. By allowing the act to be watered down so much- by trying to appeal to both sides - there was very little of substance left that stood any chance of working.

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