Hotel Hallways

Thursday, August 08, 2013

In my experience, no matter where you travel in the Western world, hotel hallways all pretty much look the same. It is this monotonous sameness that makes travel boring and comforting at the same time. I understand that it is by design that hotel hallways look remarkably the same.

I did stay at a hotel in Killarney that didn't look like most hallways, with little stairways in the middle of halls for no apparent reason, but that is the only hotel I recall that deviated from the standard hotel hallway. Another hotel I stayed in San Juan also deviated a bit with a large multi floor atrium, but, save for the handrails protecting a fall into the atrium on one side, it was still a hotel hallway.

Occasionally, you run across a property that has parking outside the door. These are rare these days, but the make a nice break. I have been fortunate to travel quite a bit in my life. Whether for business or pleasure, I have spent a lot of time in hotels all over the US and Europe.

I guess travel isn't about the hallways. Rather it is about the destination. Hallways play role to get you to the door of your room to be opened with little magnetic cards. Regardless how plush the room or the view, the hallway will almost always be the same.


  1. kathy2:16 AM

    Nice share.

  2. As Chris Campanioni says,"Some people travel for the culture, or the place’s history, or the sheer experience.Our aim is total dissolution. We travel from Egypt to Estonia,big clunky blocks of metal hanging from our necks,naïve and stuttering and asking all the right questions at all the right times."

    @Lillie Jensen.


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