Top Six Bruce Springsteen Collaborations

Friday, July 05, 2013
The Boss is pretty famous for his collaborations with other artists either on his songs or theirs. I was listening to the Ghost of Tom Joad from the Magic tour, where he and Tom Morello just rocked that sucker. This made me think of doing a pick six of Springsteen collaborations. Rolling Stone has a nice list which contains most of my favorites. Here are mine in descending order.

  1. Ghost of Tom Joad with Tom Morello
  2. New York State Of Mind with Billy Joel
  3. Keep The Car Running with Arcade Fire
  4. Old Time Rock & Roll with Bob Seger
  5. Hold On, I'm Comin'/Soul Man with Sam Moore
  6. London Calling with Dave Grohl and Elvis Costello

Plus The River with Sting
Ghost Of Tom Joad

 New York State Of Mind

Keep The Car Running (poor camera phone footage)

Old Time Rock & Roll (more crappy phone cam)

Hold On, I'm Comin'/Soul Man (even more crappy video)

London Calling

The River


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