Woodford Way - There & Back

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
I listen to a lot of new music. I am always so pleasantly surprised when I find a new band that has a unique sound and so much obvious talent. I always think to myself, these guys deserve to be so much better than just being a local band or small indy band.

Woodford Way is one of those bands. At once unique and reminiscent of Paul Simon and early Barenaked Ladies (not the novelty songs, but much of the songs Stephen Paige wrote), their new album, There & Back, is brimming with beautiful melodies and strong lyrics.

Marketed as an alt folk band, this album, has a more jazzy edge. Singer & songwriter Kyle Mangini's voice is perfect for these 10 songs that are exquisitely performed and produced.

I won’t breakdown the album song by song, but from the opening bars of the album opener, Rose, to it’s closer Charlotte’s Lullaby, this is really the best indy album I have heard this year. This one is worth every one of the four stars we are giving it!

Woodford Way - There & Back
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