Flashback and Prelude: If you ever go across the sea to Ireland

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I've been traveling with my mother since 2000, when we took our first trip to Ireland. It was my first trip overseas at all, and I was anxious to see England and Ireland . Our eldest son, Jason, went with us. I know it was difficult for him, but we had known since the day we brought him into the world his journey would be a difficult one- and we were not sure how many years of travel, especially walking, he had in him.

I was full of ignorance on that first trip. I carefully planned the entire trip- our little cottage b&b in the countryside- it was in a converted 1700's era stable. We rented a car- flew from Dublin to Shannon and were on our way.

You know those quaint little roads you see in Irish photos with an old man with a hat sitting on the back of a horse drawn cart? They drive on those roads. Fast. I did not take well to driving in Ireland. In fact, I took very poorly to it. We were miles from a town- and I was thinking of traveling miles in US super-freeway terms, something that was not the norm in southern Ireland in 2000.

We made it to Blarney Castle. Jason kissed the blarney stone, though he has not uttered a word of blarney since. We made it to Cashel and Caher and Bunratty Castle....but I was petrified to drive, and the big plans were set aside while I fell apart.

The second time my mother and I went- it was on a tour. London to Wales to Ireland (across the sea this time) back to Wales and London. In a week. It was lovely. It was beautiful. It was too short.

And we did not ever make it to Galway bay, and the Cliffs of Moher. My mother has wanted to see those places since we first talked about Ireland back in the 1990's - when my kids were little and traveling was a dream.

When I gave her a photo book of all our trips together- the very last page contained the lyrics to a song that I meant as a promise. Before she could not travel any longer- we would get her to Galway Bay and the Cliffs of Moher.

So it is we leave for our trip. My mother is 77 now, and we are all the worse for wear. But we will go. And we will see it. And we will treasure every moment- every day- because they are all of them precious.

Please come with us. Every day we'll post where we are- what we hope to do and see. We'd love to have you with us on the journey to fulfill a promise made. We are making memories to last a lifetime.


  1. you forgot that son[0] brought home a two handed sword

  2. Just beautiful! Believe me, I'll be with you in spirit. How lucky and blessed you are to have this chance to take your mama back to Ireland again. God bless and keep you all safe while you're across the sea.

  3. Looking forward to seeing some great pictures and having a good criac when you get home. Have a wonderful trip :)


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