Belated NMT - Bruno Mars "Unorthodox Jukebox"

Wednesday, April 03, 2013
So the 'new music Tuesday' is a day late...

Maybe it took me an extra day to wrap my head around this album, which I've been listening to for awhile now.

I liked some of the music on his first release- it sounded poppy and 'cute', though one of my sons told me I wouldn't think of if I'd really listened closely.

And that brings us to "Unorthodox Jukebox". I suppose if Bruno Mars wanted to dispel any idea that he's a pop-py good boy this would do it.

The songs are still well written and have very catchy tunes, what we have come to expect from him. But the lyrics are certainly giving us a glimpse of a darker, possibly even angrier young man. There is nothing cute about "Young Girls" or "Gorilla". Maybe I'm reading too much into his lyrics- but he goes from sounding like a hopeful, remorseful romantic to someone who is trying to forget everything in some down and dirty sex- all the while knowing it won't give him what he wants.

In "When I was Your Man" his ballad comes on with:

Hmmm too young, too dumb to realize
That I should have bought you flowers and held your hand
Should have gave you all my hours when I had the chance
Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance
Now my baby is dancing, but she's dancing with another man.

My pride, my ego, my needs and my selfish ways
Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life
Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made
And it haunts me every time I close my eyes
It all just sounds like uh, uh, uh, uh
And moves to "Young Girls" reality with:
All you young wild girls
No matter what you do
Yeah, you young wild girls
I'll always come back to you, come back to you

I get lost under these lights
I get lost in the words I say
Start believing my own lies
Like everything will be okay

Oh, I still dream of a simple life
Boy meets girl, makes her his wife
But love don't exist when you live like this
That much I know, yes, I know
Listening to Bruno Mars sounds like you're being taken on a very personal, emotional journey through youth and maybe fame. It's an excellent collection of music- and I really cannot wait to see where he takes us next.

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