A Busy Day

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Our morning started early with a tour of the Waterford Crystal factory. Some of the hand work they do is damn impressive. After the tour, I could probably write a whole post about the process, but here is couple of pics from the tour.
Waterford Crystal Glass in Progress
Waterford Crystal Piano
Next we went to Cobh (Cove), which was the last stop the Titanic made. The have a beautiful Cathedral, St. Colman's, but I didn't have time to tour it, sadly.
Angles & Points
St. Colman's Cathedral
 We ended the day at Blarney Castle, where I did kiss the blarney stone.
Blarney Castle Approach
Blarney Castle Side
From the top of the Castle
I am feeling a bit worn out after today, so I will cut this short. Hope you enjoy the pictures and see you tomorrow.

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