Wyoming Whiskey

Monday, March 04, 2013

Just like the micro-brewery revolution brought great beer back to America, the micro-distillery is revolutionizing spirits. The idea of taking locally produced grains and using local water is not new to whiskey production, in fact, it is it’s hallmark. Here in Wyoming we have our very own whiskey that follows that idea.

From the Big Horn Basin, this whiskey features corn and grains grown near the distillery. The water come from the Madison formation which is a limestone aquifer. All this comes together under master distiller, Steve Nally. Steve moved to Kirby after working as a distilleryman at Makers Mark. What he has created is a wonderful, fantastic and eminently drinkable whiskey.

I have been waiting for taste since I first heard about the distillery opening in Kirby three years ago. They released the first batch back in December and it proved very hard to come by. Diane managed to get me a bottle from their second release in February. 
Being a fan of whiskey in all it’s forms, I had high hopes for this one. The nose does not do justice to complex flavors this whiskey provides. The nose is slightly floral and fruity. Aged just three years, Wyoming Whiskey has all the wonderful flavors you associate with a good bourbon. A fruity flavor will greet you with a hint of caramel and vanilla. It is not as oaky as some whiskey’s but that is a good thing, leaving you to savor the marvelous fruity flavors and caramel. The finish is remarkably smooth leaving you craving another sip.

I drank mine at room temperature, which is the ideal way to drink Wyoming Whiskey. Don’t drown the flavors with ice. Pour yourself a nice shot and enjoy sipping.

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