Making a case for absinthe

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
*Editors note - I did not write this post. I was signed in to blogger when my Dearest Diane published this post. Sorry for any confusion*
When we were last in the French Quarter we passed by the "Olde Absinthe Bar". It was, apparently, something that had been around in the early days- went away with prohibition- and recently returned.

In a way, the appeal might be in the 'forbidden' quality of it. Absinthe was, until not long ago, illegal to have in the U.S. What most don't know is that it still is- sort of. What we have now is a 'watered down' version in which the illegal property is removed, or mostly so. Enough that it's legal to produce and sell again.

And is that the point? Not for me. The point for me is that there is something to be said for experiencing something like this in a place like this that makes it mean something. More than the sum of its parts, as it were.

When we were in Puerto Rico we sat in a courtyard of the bar that claims its fame to making the first Pina Colada. We sat there in the heat, with lizards scurrying around, drinking that refreshing beverage and it made it more than a drink. It was a bit of an experience.

So it is for absinthe. When you are in a darker little side passage in the French Quarter- in a dark and sketchy looking pub that has been in that location for more years than even the dirt in your home town has been there- when you have them pour that liquid into the glass- over a sugar cube- it becomes more than a drink. It becomes an experience that you can't replicate anywhere else and have it feel the same.

I didn't care for it, by the way. But- that isn't the point. The smell, the feel of the evening, the lamplight on the old paved all added to a moment. And sometimes, in this crazy and fast paced world, a moment is not a bad thing.

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