Eight Years or What a long strange trip it’s been.

Monday, March 18, 2013

With these words, I started this blog eight years ago;
I know. It's nothing new. Everyone has a blog. Even your grandma. Why should you even care that yet another soul is joining the blog world? 
You shouldn't. I'm just this guy, you see. A forty something geek (webmaster, programmer and Star Trek nerd... I come by my geek cred honestly.) who decided to weigh in on a blog that he might share with a friend or two.
Thus, Music for a Mid-Life Geek (or MfaMLG) was born. Without much fanfare or page views, I made small posts about things that I found interesting. To be honest, I didn’t really start blogging in earnest until December 2008. In December 2009, I had my first guest post when Diane wrote a very lovely post on Christmas memories. Soon I would invite Diane on board full time, followed by El Kaiser Guapo and soon after, The Effin Bear.

Today we receive a several hundred page views a day. As the blog has grown we have introduced new features and expanded our topics from stuff that interested me to a well rounded blog discussing a little of everything. Of course, we are still focus primarily on music, but we haven’t ignored other topics, like Film, Geek Culture and Politics.

It has been a fun eight years and we appreciate everyone's patronage. We look forward to eight more years filled with more of same and perhaps some other new features. Keep on reading and we will keep on writing.

These are our Top Six posts of all time!
  1. What Your Cigarette Says About You! by El Kaiser Guapo 
  2. Minecraft: Great game, or the GREATEST GAME?! by El Kaiser Guapo 
  3. Essential Prog Rock Songs by Jay aka madpoet 
  4. My first pick six: Awesome women's power ballads of the 80's! by Diane 
  5. New Orleans Food Post 3 of ? by Jay aka madpoet
  6. Friday Pick Six: Essential Tom Petty by Diane

    Plus one for the Effin Bear
    Fantasy Film League 2013 by The Effin Bear
The Grateful Dead with Truckin


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