A Pick Six From 1975

Friday, March 15, 2013

It seems that I really started to listen to music in 1975 when I bought my first album. Sure it was KC And The Sunshine Band. I didn’t say I had good taste at twelve. Like most kids my age I was a Top 40 kind of kid. Of course, I may have been exposed to a lot of different music in the Top 40 back then.

This weeks list is not my current top six from 1975, rather it was the songs I liked as a twelve year old.

  • Rhinestone Cowboy » Glen Campbell
  • One Of These Nights » Eagles
  • Black Water » Doobie Brothers
  • Ballroom Blitz » The Sweet
  • Get Down Tonight » K.C. & The Sunshine Band
  • Why Can't We Be Friends? » War

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  1. Well I was a little older in 1975 (ahem) but I was listening to the Doobies and the Eagles...so your taste in music wasn't horrible! I'd hate to think what I was listening to when I was the age you were in 1975.


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