The Oh Hellos, Through The Deep, Dark Valley

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This album has been out for over four months, but I was just recently turned on to them. This brother and sister act from Texas are making waves in the alt folk scene here in the states. Deservedly so. This indie act is making compelling folk music that is at once throughly American with a hint of old Irish folk songs.

Their first full release is a concept album, filled with songs of spiritual loss and redemption. They have great harmonies rounded out by similar guitar parts. My favorite song, ‘The Lament of Eustace Scrubb’, features an almost hymnal quality as it sings of regret of ones selfishness in relationships, in spite of others good intentions;
father, have mercy
I know that I have gone astray
when I saw my reflection
it was a stranger beneath my face
but I'll come around
This but one example of deep and meaningful lyrics found within ‘Through The Deep, Dark Valley’. Another standout, ‘Second Child, Restless Child’ shows the theme of the album when Maggie Heath sings:
see, I was born a restless child
and I could hear the world outside calling me
and heaven knows how hard I tried
but the devil whispered lies I believed
Another favorite is 'Wishing Well'. Actually all the songs are great. On their website they say;
The Oh Hellos' first full-length album, "Through the Deep, Dark Valley," is a self-contained concept album, and so for best results should be listened to in its entirety, in chronological order, in one sitting. 
I agree. Tyler & Maggie Heath have created a moving beautiful album and maybe one of the best indie records of 2012. I am looking forward what comes next from the talented duo.

The Oh Hellos,  Through The Deep, Dark Valley

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