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Monday, February 18, 2013

I had an idea last week. I wanted to start an online book club on Plurk*. What amazed me was how quickly it flowed together. I suggested the idea on a Saturday. I created a new account on Monday and by Wednesday it had 45 followers. I picked someone from the friends list to pick the first book on Friday. With that, the book club was up and running. Six days from idea to execution.

Really, this the great thing about the internet in general and social networks in particular. You can get an idea up and running quickly. I was very surprised how fast the book club idea gained momentum. Many of the people who have joined aren’t even in my personal friends list. The new account was shared across timelines and people started joining in.

Does this mean every idea will flourish? Well the jury is still out on whether the book club will last, but it is starting out well. I have tried something similar in the past when I started a group on Flickr for Plurk photographers. It was a photo a day group, and it went great guns for awhile, but has slid off to virtually no one using it anymore.

I guess the part that I like is that I can share an idea on a social network and, if, the idea gains traction, I can generate a whole new circle of people with a shared interests.

*Plurk is a nifty cross between Twitter & Facebook. You make the same kind of brief statements you would on Twitter, but people can easily respond to your Plurk making it work like a Facebook status update. It’s all served up in a nice timeline view. It is really my favorite social network, and I pretty much belong to all the big ones.


  1. Part of the proof of a hypothesis is it's fecundity: weather it leads to other ideas.
    Since joining the book club I've discovered that if you buy the Kindle version of a book you may be able get the Audible version at a drastically discounted price.

    I've already listened to the book twice.
    Discovered a book I forgot was in my Audible library…


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