Reflecting on the Super Bowl

Sunday, February 03, 2013

It has been a tradition in our family to watch the Super Bowl since we became a family in 1982. On that first year we were at my parents house, newly engaged. It might have even been the same weekend Jay asked my dad for permission to marry me, but my memory is not quite that good. I remember nothing of the game that year. This was back when the women congregated in the kitchen and regularly took snack trays out to the guys in the living room. We did not mingle.

As the years passed the players at our Super Bowl days went from a few, to many friends, to babies, to kids and their friends. We have always had something to mark the day- just as we did for other occasions to be celebrated in our home. The first several years I still ended up relegated to the kitchen/living room with 'the wives' while the guys were downstairs. Not because I wanted it that way- but because sometimes we invited over friends with wives who hated football. I made the ultimate sacrifice for awhile. And then I decided- no more.

I have loved football all my life, and I got tired of missing the game. So we stopped inviting friends whose wives hated football and ended up with a mix of kids and adults as our kids grew. Each year, the party day players were a little different. Sometimes there was barely room for another body- other times the kids and their friends drifted off after awhile to other things. We still planned and created menus no matter who arrived each year, usually with little bets being placed all evening.

The kids started to go to college- the numbers grew smaller. This year was the first year I think we were faced with possibly of having no one in the house except Jay and I. I wasn't quite sure what to do about that- we had never done that one before. The kids are all grown- creating their own lives and traditions now. Many enjoy traditions similar to those they enjoyed at home- but we are left at home now without a crowd. The players have dwindled.

As we approached this weekend we knew it would be different- but no less enjoyable. We are moving into  the autumn of our lives: when we are a little quieter, a little closer to home, but perhaps more able to slow down and enjoy everything around us. We will have smaller versions of our favorites, we will chime in on each commercial, we will root for our favorite team.

The players may change every year- but the Super Bowl goes on.

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