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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
I have a friend that Madpoet and I met on our 25th anniversary trip to Italy. She lives in Canada and I haven't seen her since, but I 'see' her on Facebook. She seems normal.

Tonight she has been posting a series of comic related sentences and I'm not sure what they're about, but she happened to say something about who was the best Bruce Wayne. It got me to thinking about that.

Personally, the best Batman (my opinion only) is Christian Bale. He's wonderfully tortured as the Batman, someone who wants to set the world right in one small way but in another is almost too tortured to manage it without stepping over the line. And he does.

But the best Bruce Wayne? That's a puzzler. I'm not convinced it's Christian. I thought about George Clooney but I'm not sure I liked him in the role at all. (for the role of sitting next to me in bed at night reading poems to me until I fall asleep- it's Clooney all the way!)

So I'd like to hear your opinions on this subject. Sway me. Convince me your choice for either Batman or Bruce Wayne is the best. And if you want to chime in on the other characters, be my guest!


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Christian Bale is my favorite. I'm hooked on watching all the movies I can find that he's in. He really immerses himself in his roles. A very close second would be Michael Keaton, I was quite charmed by his Bruce Wayne.

  2. I would have to say Christian Bale re-defined the role, but I agree with Anonymous, a close second would be Michael Keaton. His Bruce Wayne wasn't as uptight as Bale's

  3. I think Bale is the best Bruce Wayne: he really captured the torment, tragedy, and fury of the man struggling to find purpose and justice and a life after losing his parents. My favorite Batman is actually Kevin Conroy. For those scratching their heads, Kevin provides the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne in all the animated and video game adaptations of Batman, and he absolutely nails it. The confidence, the intimidation, the command, and the hint of snarky attitude...when I'm reading the comics, I read Batman's lines in Kevins voice. I liked Michael Keaton as a balance between the two: a sorta dorky "Clark Kentish" Bruce, and a gritty, solid Batman.


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